We Make Amazingly Useful Android Apps.

What happens when a Designer and a Developer meet completely in sync and a unified goal? MAGIC!!
We love to make apps that look stunning, simple and are so useful, you will always carry it with you.

The Apps.

Some of our handcrafted apps


AppLocker is the best way to safeguard your apps. With its amazing interface and easy to use features you will always use this app to protect personal apps on your phone.

Anti theft alarm

Anti theft alarm protects your phone from theft with the help of motion alarm and charger alarm. It also protects your data as it doesn’t allow the thief to go beyond the alarm screen until he swipes the right pattern or enters the right pin number.

Anti theft alarm Pro

Anti theft alarm protects your phone from theft with the help of motion alarm and charger alarm. The pro version sounds the alarm even when the battery is removed and turned on again. This way the thief can never deactivate the alarm without knowing the password.

Night Display(Alarm Clock)

The only clock app you'll ever need. Bright, Readable and all your favorite settings at a single touch,with alarm which has option to solve a mathematical problem to stop the alarm,never miss a important meeting again.

Sudoku Mania

Sudoku Mania is a fun Sudoku game with more than 400 unique levels ranging from easy to very hard. With a gorgeous UI , Sudoku Mania is engaging and looks amazing. Do you have what it takes to complete all the puzzles? Put your skills to the test and enjoy hours of brain teasing Sudoku puzzles.

Android Apps

We make android apps that make life easy. Our range of capabilities varies across all categories in the play store.

Live Wallpapers

Our live wallpapers are subtle and gorgeous. They make your phone the center of attraction during any conversation.


We build games that are simple yet addictive. When you're bored or just wanna pass time, our games will keep you hooked.

The Team

We are a team of two.

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